This was made for the Weekly Game Jam: 134. 

You are a young idol, minding your own business, when a woman contacts you and tells you that you are going on a Bachelor tv show. You are given no choice but to agree to participate in the elimination round, where you have to attract and protect chicks. 

Move: wasd (OR) Arrow keys
Chick follow: E (You have to be close to them)
Pause: esc
Jump: space

I used Unity, Blender, Clip Studio Paint, and Vroid studio to create everything. Thanks to Game creators visual scripting, I was able to actual make something by myself. This game was super fun to make, and I can't wait to make another.

If the game exits in the web form then you have to refresh the page to play again. (Spoilers) Like if you dis Juliet at the end.

Install instructions

Download -> Unzip/extract -> open file -> click Chick Magnet.exe 


Chick 59 MB

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