For GMTK 2020, this is a top down shooter where your tank is malfunctioning and out of control. 

Links don't work in the browser play. The game looks better in windows version, but I know its easier just to play the games in the browser. 

- Right click to move (When you are able to)

- Left click to shoot (When you can)

- Collect the cheese to win


Models, Animating, Design, Writing, Developing: Me

Tools used: 



Clip Studio Paint

Game creator

SFX: Cafofo 

Ground textures used: Lumo-Art 3D


Scott Arc – Neon Quarter:

Synth Kid – They Mostly Come at Night... Mostly...:


The Hermit 58 MB


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Cool idea Japes! I liked the animation and design work. I tried easy mode twice and could only get 1 piece of cheese before I wouldn't be able to move anymore and controls wouldn't malfunction to move me anymore but I did have fun fending of the rats attacking me. I think giving the player the ability to mash a button or enter a combination to temporarily fix the tank would make it more playable. Nice work!

I like the modeling and animating work on this. The enemy models look pretty cool.

I think if the game only restricted your ability to shoot and aim it'd be a lot less frustrating. The game locks your movement to a set direction way too frequently which makes it very difficult to actually look for any of the cheese. It would also help if the cheese itself was illuminated.