A downloadable asset pack

This was my work for the Weekly Game Jam 110, my programmer on the team ghosted so idk.
This is a Unity Package.

So here's my hard work free to use AS long as you credit me and link my twitter: https://twitter.com/Vintage_Japes 

And Credit Sebastian Lane for his SFX/music:

((Also you have to give me a copy, or a free copy if you make it a paid game))

Make it into a cool game, and send to to me.

Install instructions

You will need:

Unity 2019.2.0f1 or 1f1
In Unity click Window -> Package manager
In the package manager click "Advanced" on the top left, then click "Show preview"

Then install these:
2D IK 
2D PSD Importer
2D Animation


Vintage_Japes&SebastianLaneAssets.unitypackage 58 MB

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